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Cable Car

Written by Gibtour on . Posted in Attractions in Gibraltar


The silent journey to the top of the Rock by cable car rewards you with a truly breathtaking view, from a height of 430m you will see the African coastline.

A 7-minute ascent of the Rock of Gibraltar offers spectacular views of Europe and Africa all the way. And it ensures you don’t get snarled up in any queues trying to drive up the Rock.

At the summit, the Interactive Tour enables you to discover Gibraltar through a convenient hand-held audiovisual guide. It is a great introduction to Gibraltar as it gives you a thorough overview of Gibraltar’s intriguing history, geology and wildlife.

The top of the Rock has its own Ape Playground, just as you step out of the Cable Car, where you can experience all the fun of the famous Barbary Apes getting up to their usual mischief. Further up, there is a Family Restaurant and Coffee Shop where you can stop for a snack while admiring the stunning views.

The Souvenir Shop and professional souvenir photographers mean that you can take something home to remember your trip by.

Starting your visit to Gibraltar at the Top of the Rock enables you to enjoy a gentle downhill stroll through the Nature Reserve (included in the ticket price) to St Michael’s Cave, or many of the other attractions on the Rock.

The natural beauty of the spot, especially the views made it a perfect destination. Views from the top takes in the Spanish mainland and the snow-capped Sierra Nevada; the African coast from Ceuta to Tangiers, with the Rif and Atlas Mountains behind; the Mediterranean and the Costa del Sol, and the one-and-one-quarter-mile airport runway, half of which juts into the sea.

The Cable Car was completely renovated in March 1986 by Von Roll, Switzerland. The horizontal distance of the track cable is 570 metres with an elevation of 356 metres. The Cable Cars pass over three towers, the first tower being the midway station, and despite its age, it is now run with high tech modern equipment and to excellent safety standards.

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