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Dolphin Watch

Written by Gibtour on . Posted in Attractions in Gibraltar


The Bay of Gibraltar is the permanent home of three different species of dolphins and a trip out on one of the dolphin watch boats is highly recommended.

We highly recommend including a trip out on one of the dolphin watch boats during your visit to the Rock. It is hard to describe the feeling of pure happiness whilst you watch these incredible creatures frolic so freely in their natural environment. Dolphin World has one of the highest success rates in Europe at finding dolphins in the wild. It is often the case that they find us!

You see, they love playing in the bow and wake of any of the dolphin vessels available to take you on the tour.

The captain and crew of the tour vessels are all friendly and they will tell you all about the marine mammals. Your 90 minute cruise into the historical Bay of Gibraltar to watch dolphins will also include an award winning commentary on various historical facts including the interesting information on the Battle of Trafalgar and Admiral Nelson’s connection with Gibraltar.

So, don’t forget to make time for this truly spectacular experience and don’t miss out on the opportunity of seeing dolphins in the wild. If you are lucky, you will get to see mothers and calves in pods ranging from 20 to 30, up to many hundreds – an incredible sight! P.S. don’t forget your camera.

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