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Main Street

Written by Gibtour on . Posted in Attractions in Gibraltar


Main Street, the largest shopping thoroughfare in Gibraltar, runs the length of town and the shops are filled with goods of all kinds.

Main Street, Gibraltar’s principal shopping thoroughfare, runs almost the length of town and the shops are filled with goods of all kinds at attractive prices. Turn off Main Street into the little lanes and alleys and there are even more shops. Items to look out for include jewellery, both precious and semi-precious, watches, fine glassware and porcelain, leather goods, perfumes, silks and cashmere.

Gibraltar is a duty-free shopper’s heaven and still continues to offer duty free goods despite changes elsewhere in Europe. Prices at the airport, notably for tobacco and spirits, are among the least expensive in the world.

Shops are normally open by 9.30 am and stay open all day through to 7pm on weekdays, many close Saturday afternoon, and most, if not all, close Sunday.

Gibraltar is VAT-free so you will find that your pound goes further when you visit the pedestrianised shopping area in the heart of the town and enjoy the excellent shopping experience.

Main Street in Gibraltar is of course, like Main Street in any other town in the world in that it is probably named appropriately, and is most likely the main street. In Gibraltar, Main Street is this and a touch more.

Gibraltar’s Main Street is in fact the only large street, and is the main site of both commerce, shopping, night life and day to day needs.

Running north and south through Gibraltar, the streets are lined with hurrying residents, the hustle and the chat a constant undertone as you move down pavement lined with buildings that could have come from any one of a plethora of cities world wide.

Main Street has been largely pedestrianised, its sidewalks lined, as if for your amusement with buildings that offer up a rich diversity, styled as they are in Portuguese, Spanish, Moorish, British and Genoan style architecture.

Most of the buildings you are faced with will provide shops on the lower floors, reminiscent of the much vaunted Portabellow Road, you can find any thing on Main Street, from antiques to dry goods to restaurants to drinks and alcohol, while the upper floors of these interesting buildings offer a variety of different spaces, from residences to offices.

One of the many sub districts of Main Streetis Irish Town, so called from its inhabitants in the days of the early part of the 19th century when Gibraltar was divided into different quarters.

Main Street will branch out in many places, adjoin with lanes and small byways, that will themselves offer a wide and diverse range of goods, making Main Street Gibraltar live up to its nick name, that being the Shopping Centre of the Mediterranean.

Your vacation in Gibraltar must of course include Main Street, offering the most variety at the very best prices you will find throughout the UK.

Shopping in Gibraltar takes place at a rate of exchange that is roughly the same as Pounds of sterling, but is termed Gibraltar pounds. If you choose to exchange your currency while you are in Gibraltar, there are a large number of shops and banks which will do so for you, many being open all seven days of the week to accommodate your needs in Gibraltar.

When your sightseeing and shopping is done, Main street is also a lovely place to eat an evening meal al fresco in the summer months, and you’re going to find multiple places which serve wonderful food.

Take in historic, fascinating, always celebrating Main Street Gibraltar.

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