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The Theatre Royal

56 Governer's Street, Gibraltar, Gibraltar

The Theatre Royal opened in May 2010, a small restaurant/bar run by Jules and Albert Gonzalez. They specialize in South African food but English and Mediteranean dishes are enjoyed by customers too. They are most famous for their BBQ spare ribs,which are a taste sensation and the show stopping musically themed South African burgers... a taste expereince.

Other interesting dishes include spicy meatballs with chakalaka sauce, pork in peanut sauce with chilli and walnuts, our boerewors rolls are a South African treat.They also make beer battared fish and chips. Everything is home cooked on the premiises daily.

Visiting The Theatre Royal is not just about great food Albert is a qualified tour guide and is always more than willing to tell you the interesting places to see and will answer any questions on Gibraltar's history. Jules is always happy to discuss and explain our dishes (except the secret ribs recipe), they consider their restaurant/bar as their front room and we will treat you as if you had come to visit them. They have been number one on trip advisor since the start of the summer 2011.

So when you come to Gibraltar a visit to The Theatre Royal is a must on your things to do list.

Cuisine: English,Mediteranean,South African

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